Coming Soon

Q2 2021

Messages to update in real time, similar to iMessage and WhatsApp. We are building this for the Desktop version of repertory Box first, and then will integrate it into the app.

We will allow users to create activity posts, which are set to be published at a specific date in the future instead of immediately.

Q2 2021

We are adding the ability to publish polls into activity feeds, for other members to vote on and then view the results.

Q2 2021

We are adding support for #hashtags in the activity feed, allowing people to create their own hashtags and use them in posts to create trending activity.

Q3 2021

Video Uploading: We are building our own Videos system, which will support uploading of video files into activity feeds, groups, messages, forum replies, and documents. The uploaded video files will be compressed and then viewable as playable videos.

Social Login. This will allow members to login and register to Repertory Box via Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Sign in with Apple. The social login will sync in the profile photo and profile fields from outside networks as allowed by each network.

Integrate the above mentioned Social Login into the mobile App.

Q4 2021

Dark Mode. We will add support for Dark Mode throughout the Repertory Box mobile App with iOS and Android settings. This will allow all screens in the app to be displayed with dark colors for a relaxing experience at night.